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New Zealand Health Ministry reports finds that evidence of sugar taxes improving health is weak

On 30 January 2018, a report from Peter Wilson and Sarah Hogan, commissioned by the Ministry of Health of New Zealand to review the evidence around the efficiency of sugar taxes. It concluded that evi...

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German Food Minister Schmidt says no to UK-style Sugar Tax

According to an article from Die Welt, the Federal Minister for Food, Christian Schmidt (CSU) rejects a tax on sugary drinks based on the model announced by the British Government on March 16 2016....

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Mixed reactions to new study on Mexican sugar tax

A new study on the effects of the Mexican tax on sugar sweetened beverages published in the medical journal ‘The BMJ’ has triggered different reactions among experts, after finding  a 6% drop in...

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Why food and drink taxes don’t work

Watch a short video to find out why tax won’t solve obesity, discriminatory taxes don’t work and discriminatory taxes have unintended consequences.