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The ‘Latest updates from around the world’ section of the website reviews the on-going food and beverage tax debate from all angles. In the sections linked below you can find reviews and links to articles in the media, academic research by leading experts and the views of decision-makers from around Europe contributing to the debate on food and beverage taxation.

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A ‘fat tax’ could save lives

British researchers from the University of Oxford claim that a tax on unhealthy foods could help save up to 3,200 people per year. A tax on all food products that are fat, sweet or salty could help re...

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What others say: media, Cardiovascular disease, Consumer behaviour, Healthy eating, Germany

Cheap Donuts and Expensive Broccoli: The Effect of Relative Prices on Obesity

The study examines the role of relative food prices in determining an individual’s body mass index (BMI), arguing that as healthy foods become more expensive relative to unhealthy foods, individu...

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Ineffective on obesity, What others say: experts, BMI, Food prices, Jonah Gelbach, Jonathan Klick, Thomas Stratmann

Impact of pricing policy on consumption inconclusive says Dutch government report

The following is the abstract of a study produced by the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands - under the remit of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. The...

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What others say: experts, What others say: government, Inconclusive, Price elasticity, Pricing policy, RIVM, Netherlands

Why Levy Discriminatory Excises on Soft Drinks?

Bahl, Roy, 1998. Why Levy Discriminatory Excises on Soft Drinks?, International Studies Program, School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University, Working Paper 98.3, 1998 This review investigat...

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