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    Sugar Tax and Changes in Total Calorie Consumption

    The working paper released by the New Zealand Treasury challenges the argument according to which a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) could be the most… Read more »

  • wrong-way-signal

    Soft Drinks Tax: is the UK moving in the right direction?

    Christopher Snowdon on The Spectator highlights the counterfactual evidence against the three main claims used by the UK Treasury to justify the introduction of a… Read more »

  • Job loss headline

    UK Sugar Tax expected to cause significant job losses

    London’s business focused newspaper City A.M. reports the results of a study conducted by the think tank Taxpayer’s Alliance on the impact of the UK… Read more »

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    UK Sugar Tax Faces Criticism from Consumers’s Organizations

    The Sun reports that the UK sugar tax, set to enter into force in April 2018, is facing rising opposition which questions both its merits… Read more »

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    Colombia: why a soft drinks tax is not the solution

    In view of the possible introduction of a tax on soft drinks in Colombia, the newspaper El Nuevo Día interviewed the executive director of the… Read more »

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    The Netherlands: wide political consensus against sugar tax

    A broad consensus against the introduction of a sugar tax in the Netherlands has emerged from parties across the political spectrum. Asked about their position… Read more »

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