Would a sugar tax protect us from diabetes?

Professor Andreas Pfeiffer said ‘it seems we are losing the battle’ at the European Diabetes Congress in 2012, as the number of people diagnosed with type-1 diabetes increases globally by 3% every year. So what can we do about it?

Pfeiffer outlines the need to promote healthier lifestyles in terms of exercise and nutrition. He encourages adults to bike to work, or send their kids to school by bike, provided that safe routes are available. Furthermore, it is important to offer healthy food at affordable prices and highlight the need to consume fewer calories.

According to the professor, a tax on saturated fat like the one seen in Denmark is not the way out. ‘It did not result to anything in Denmark,’ he says. In the end, the long-term strategy of branding unhealthy food as ‘out’ and healthy food as ‘in’ might just be the best solution.

The full article is available here.

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