UK political party rules out sugar or fat tax, but takes aim at advergames

The UK Labour party has ruled out the possibility of taxes on sugar or fat, but will take aim at marketing to children and online advergames, says shadow Public Health Minister Luciana Berger.

“When it comes to children’s health, Labour wants to tackle a system that is stacked against parents, and takes control away from parents. We want to restore parents’ power over what they eat”, said Berger. “But with families facing a cost of living crisis, it would not be right or fair to impose taxes on sugary and fatty foods as some have advocated.”

“Let me be very clear with you today, and reinforce that point that we will not be seeking to introduce fat or sugar taxes”, said Berger. “But we are actively considering regulations to limit sugar fat and salt in food marketed to children and will continue to listen on this issue,” the MP reiterated.

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