Shared responsibility in diet and nutrition

Dutch food news website Food for Food (.org) posted an interview with journalist, blogger and weight consultant Rebecca Rijnders who supports a tax on sugar in the Netherlands.

Despite knowledge and awareness amongst the population that sugar is ‘bad’, some parts of the Dutch population are getting fatter. Rebecca Rijnders says that just like alcohol duties, taxing sugar will send a clear signal to the public, and also raises tax revenues which can help with growing healthcare costs.

The article investigates why sugar is added to some foods – as a preservative, as fuel for yeast, to manage freezing points, texture, but also as a flavouring. The responsibility for sugar consumption however, should be shared between manufacturer, retailer and consumer alike in terms of formulation, offering a range of products and making responsible choices. Industry and governments also have a role to play in information and education of the consumer population.

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