European Union public opinion on policy measures to address childhood overweight and obesity

The study gathered data to examine whether differences in public opinion about policy options to fight the obesity problem exist among EU countries, and shows that there was little support for imposing taxes on unhealthy food. Some key insights from the study:

  • “Our results suggest strong consistency among EU countries in support for two policies: providing information to parents and more physical activity in schools. For improving children’s diets, our data show widespread support for providing parents with information, education programs in schools, and restrictions on advertising. For reducing childhood obesity, more physical activity in schools received the most support followed by education and advertising restrictions. There was very little support for imposing taxes on unhealthy food”.
  • In the survey, tax increases were overwhelmingly rejected, receiving only 2.8 per cent support. Sixteen countries had 2 per cent or less support for this measure.

You can find the whole paper here.

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